Warley Hill Post Office: consultation team admit errors

14 Nov 2007
Cllr Chilvers & postmistress, Shereen, post petition at Warley Hill post office
Cllr Chilvers & postmistress, Shereen, post the petition at Warley Hill post office

In an email to Cllr Karen Chilvers, the Post Office has admitted they have made errors in the consultation document which could see the closure of Warley Hill Post Office.

The first error was that the alternative post office, in the High Street, could be reached via flat terrain, the second was that the post office was in Warley Road, when it is in fact in Warley Hill. She also highlighted the fact that the High Street post office's move to WHSmith had not been considered as part of the consultation.

Cllr Chilvers, ward councillor for this post office, said:

"Anyone who knows Brentwood was flabbergasted to hear the road from the station to the town centre described as "flat terrain". The consultation team have now admitted this is incorrect and agree with the point that I made. They now have to send someone back to check their facts!

"However, I am still angry that they do not see that their consultation is flawed by constantly referring to the Warley Hill post office as Warley Road. Their excuse is that they have always referred to it this way in Post Office records. If you are local, you know different and just because they've always referred to it wrongly, doesn't make it right - especially as getting the facts right is so crucial now.

"I'm also disappointed that they are still not considering the change of the High Street post office's location as part of this proposal. They have said they will take this into the account, but if by then a decision has already been taken to close the Warley Hill branch, it will just be too late."

The Liberal Democrats have sent a petition to the post office, signed by hundreds of local residents who are imploring them to keep this post office open.