Petition to save PO is on its way

15 Nov 2007

A PETITION is heading for Royal Mail pleading the case to keep a post office in Warley Hill open.

Liberal Democrats in the town are behind the petition and it follows admissions by Royal Mail its consultation on the future of the outlet is flawed.

The errors include saying the alternative counter in the High Street is reached via "flat terrain".

Another claims the branch is in Warley Road.

Karen Chilvers, ward councillor for the area, said: "Everyone who knows Brentwood was flabbergasted to hear the road from the station to the town centre described as 'flat terrain'.

"I am also still angry at them constantly referring to the Warley Hill post office as Warley Road.

"Their excuse is they have always referred to it this way in Post Office records and on their website."

She added: "I'm also disappointed they are still not considering the change of the High Street post office's location as part of this proposal. They have said they will take this into the account, but if by then a decision has already been taken to close the Warley Hill branch, it will just be too late."

When she raised the issues with Royal Mail, she got a reply from Gary Grange, senior external relations manager. He disputed the name issue saying there has only been one post office in the area, near Brentwood station, for at least ten years. However, he said: "The point you raised about the terrain is valid and we have ensured someone has looked again at this area and we now conclude with the point that you make. We will obviously look at how this information led to being incorrectly stated but your challenge highlights the benefits of consultation."

He also confirmed the siting of the new facility in WHSmith would meet all the statutory requirements for access.

Local people, residents and business people wanting to contribute to the consultation should call 08457 223344 very soon as the exercise closes this coming Monday, 19th November,