Lib Dems oppose county merger

21 Aug 2007

Cllr David Kendall, Leader of the Lib Dem group on Brentwood Borough Council, has reacted angrily to the shock news that Brentwood is going to merge with Essex County Council and be run jointly by the County's Chief Executive Joanna Killion.

Cllr Kendall has accused the Conservative administration running Brentwood Borough Council of railroading this major decision through without proper consultation and discussion with interested parties.

The Liberal Democrats believe that Brentwood is best served by having a Chief Executive whose time is totally focused on meeting the needs of Brentwood residents. They are also very concerned that Brentwood will lose it's unique individual identity and be swallowed up by the County machine.

Speaking about the issue Cllr Kendall said "We are more than happy to stand up and be counted on this issue and act as a rallying point for the many residents who will be opposed to this merger. We believe Brentwood Borough Council should have it's own Chief Executive and should operate separately from Essex County Council. The Tories may be keen to rush these plans through but I would suggest they listen to the voices of local people before proceeding further".