Is there a Democratic Deficit in Brentwood?

16 Mar 2007

This is the question that many people are asking now that the Tories have a vice like grip on every aspect of politiÂcal power in this area.

The Conservatives now totally dominate Brentwood Borough and Essex County Council with very large majorities. Is this good for local democracy? Are you fed up with living in a one party state?

Remember what it was like when Tony Blair's New Labour came to power in 1997?

Their large majority meant they could get anything they wanted through on the nod.

Sadly, now the same is happening here in Conservative controlled Brentwood Borough Council. The Tories are railroading things through, allowing little time for debate and turnÂing their noses up at any form of serious consulÂtation.

The results at last May's local elections have left only 10 out of 37 councillors on the Borough Council from the other parties, although the Lib Dems have won a seat back in Pilgrims Hatch.

If you are fed up living in a one party state and would like to re-balance things in Brentwood, then get in touch.