General Election NOW ! The Brentwood Liberal Democrats call for a General Election

21 Oct 2022
General Election NOW

The Brentwood Liberal Democrats call for a General Election now.

Between July and September, The Conservatives indulged in a 2 month Leadership contest whilst the economy began to stall and energy prices sky rocketed; the contest resulted in Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party.

Liz Truss's tenure as Prime Minister lasted just 44 days, but in those 44 days, she embarked upon a dramatically different revolutionized Manifesto, which despite prior warning that the new Policy platform she was proposing would be disastrous, pushed on regardless.

The result has indeed been disastrous. Their 'mini-budget' of billions of pounds of unfunded tax cuts spooked the markets, and undermined confidence in our Country and Economy, trigging market volatility to such a destabilising extent that the value of the Pound rapidly fell, in effect importing further inflation, and prompting an emergency response from the Bank of England costing upwards of £60 billion to shore up Pension pots facing a liquidity crunch in the face of rising interest rates on government bonds and borrowing costs.

The Conservative Party that most idolise unadulterated free-markets, proving once again to be the Party that least understands the free-market.

Rather than alleviating the Cost-of-Living Crisis, the Conservatives have instead further exacerbated it. A crisis that will be felt across most income deciles.

Brentwood constituents will still face massive hikes in their mortgages and rent despite all the policy U-turns of recent days, the damage has unfortunately been done. First time buyers frozen out of the housing market, and families facing hundreds of pounds in extra payments each month. On top of rising prices on Food and Energy squeezing people's income.

The Conservatives are now earmarking further cuts to Public Spending despite originally promising no cuts, citing 'efficiency savings' and 'cutting the fat', but those have been well and truly made already. Public Services are on the floor in critical condition with the negative consequences of this causing all manner of nasty problems for people and communities. The NHS, Local Government, Policing, can't take any more cuts.

We are a Democratic Country. With a Conservative government in continual shambles, another Prime Minister resigned in appalling circumstances, and a Ruling Party more concerned by itself than the Country. A General Election is now necessary.

We the Brentwood Liberal Democrats call for a General Election, to elect a government competent and disciplined enough to guide the Country safely in the right direction through these various crises, and War being perpetrated on our own Continent.

The Country cannot afford the chaos and instability of the Conservatives any longer.