Direct action on post office closures

31 Oct 2007


As Ward councillor for the Warley Hill Post Office, and a Warley resident, I am taking direct action on the proposed closure of the Warley Hill Post Office. Residents who wish to object to the closures of this (and the Hanging Hill Lane Post Office) can sign our online petition at or write to me at the Town Hall.I have also written to the Post Office regarding a number of issues, not least that the facility is being wrongly listed by them as on Warley Road!

I have pointed out that it is used extensively by many local residents and commuters and is an important facility in an area that has its fair share of elderly residents and young families.

The closure consultation paper talks of the nearest facilities (High Street and Brook Street) but mentions nothing of the main post office's move to the Baytree Centre, where convenient parking will be lacking and accessibility is in question. I have also asked them to consider those without a car.

The paper also states that the walk to the town centre is "along level terrain"! As anyone local knows, it is an uphill walk to the town and, if you then live the other side of the station, another uphill struggle back.

In order that the Post Office consultation team understands our issues, I have invited them to meet with me at Warley Hill Post Office and walk to both the Baytree Centre on the High Street and to Brook Street so I can demonstrate the difficulties that our residents face.

Cllr Karen Chilvers

Liberal Democrat Councillor

Brentwood West Ward