Consult us over future

8 Nov 2007

Campaigners have called for a 'thorough' public consultation to investigate plans for a major retail and housing development.

Brentwood's Tory-run council will consider proposals for a six-screen cinema, two clothes shops, a supermarket and 14 new homes at William Hunter Way.

Some locals claim the scale of the development, brought by Stockland Halladale, is unsuitable for the area.

Councillor David Kendall, Liberal Democrat group leader, demanded people be given the right to voice their opinions. He said:

"This is something that is going to have a massive impact on Brentwood, so it's only fair they ask the people of Brentwood about it.

"This isn't some kind of sudden thing, it's been in the pipeline for years. But I think it is amiss that there's no news about consultation."

A spokesman for Brentwood Council ruled out a full consultation.

He said those wanting to object should write to the planning committee.