Conservatives vote in 147 more flats in Wharf Road

27 May 2007

At the Planning meeting on Wednesday 23rd May 2007, the Conservatives voted through the final phase of the 350 flats on the old gas works site in Wharf Road, now known as "The Base", despite strong protests from the Liberal Democrat group.

This final phase comprises 147 flats, 100 of them with two or three bedrooms, yet the flats have less than one parking space per dwelling.

Originally, 75 flats were agreed for the whole site but the Conservatives have, over the last few years, supported plans to increase this to 350.

Brentwood West councillor, Karen Chilvers, who voted against the final development phase at the Planning Committee, said:

"I am disappointed that, once again, the Conservative administration does not appear to be listening to the concerns of Brentwood residents. During the election campaign, hundreds of people expressed their concerns about over-development in the borough and many cited "The Base" as a classic example of what can go wrong."

"The infrastructure around the station area does not support such a huge development and there is already an increase in traffic congestion. Furthermore, despite the fact that only a handful of people have moved in so far, there are already on-street parking problems. Also, there is no visitor parking. It just doesn't make sense."

Questions were also raised by the Lib Dems about the design and visual impact of the building. However, as the design of the last phase fits in with the rest of the development it will go ahead in a similar style.

The Base

"Despite our protests, the Conservative majority voted for the plans and just railroaded the item through. Whilst I am frustrated that they failed to listen, it proves once again how much we need more Liberal Democrat councillors in the chamber so we can put a stop to this Tory stranglehold on local democracy."