Arnie on Potholes

13 Apr 2023

Brentwood Liberal Democrats have demanded that Conservative Essex County Council match film star Arnold Schwarzenegger in patching up road holes in his Brentwood neighbourhood.


Schwarzenegger joined local people in filling in a giant hole in his Los Angeles neighbourhood of Brentwood, as he said it had been "screwing up cars and bicycles fo r weeks."

The Terminator actor, 75, a former governor of California, posted footage of himself and a team using packaged concrete to repair the road in the Brentwood area. Mr Schwarzenegger said local residents have made repeated requests for repairs since winter storms created potholes and cracks on roads.

Liberal Democrat Councillor David Kendall said: "Residents in Brentwood share the frustration of those in Brentwood, California…our roads also have far too many dangerous potholes in them, and they need urgent and long-lasting repair. We don't support individuals filling holes themselves…but Conservative Essex County Council needs to match Arnie by getting this work done urgently and professionally."